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From : Lodi, Italy

Genre : Proto Metal, Thrash

Lineup : Ferf: Bass,Vox - Pauli: Guitar,Vox - Ivanko: Drums

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Is there life in abused riffs? We've been wandering about this in some lazy times. After all we all love the old school classic stuff.

This is why ASS quickly formed and (until next time) disbanded. The idea was to meet at rehearshals, and write a song in a given 2 hour time each time they met. So it's been eight rehearshal sections of 2 hours, 8 songs.

The line to follow was to have very simple metal riffing, easy structures but still kicking songs.

Then a quick go to the DoomRoom to record the babies and well we allowed a second run to overdub solos and given some time to write lyrics. No need to say lyrics are all about safe metal themes.

We called various Doom Room friends to complete the works, and extra thanks goes to Wally for thrashing his throat on 'Time to Mosh'. Ranging from classic metal to eighties thrash we like the freshness of the mini-LP. Just put it on and headbang!

A world without Motorhead? NO WAY!

Sooner or later it should have happened, but it happened just too soon. We all hoped Lemmy and Motorhead would have defied mortality and kept rocking the world for at least another 20 years.

This unfortunatly did not happen and we just felt Lem have left us too soon, as we wanted more Motorhead records, more Snuggletooth covers and more shows.

So we just thought to make one ourselves, with no intention to be a substitute to the great man or to ride their success, but just to craft a little album that would pay homage to the sound and composing style of Motorhead.

Imitation is the best form of flattery, and in pure Ass style things are done quickly, lyrics are almost improvised, but we are very satisfied with the results, kinda rocking! We hope that if Lem happens to hear it, he will dig it too.


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