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  • Milano Death Trip



From : Milan, Italy

Genre : Hard Rock Italiano

Lineup : Cane: Vox - Fex: guitars - Antonello: Bass - Derrik: Drums

Milano angry again

Milano Death Trip debut lp tells the solitude and anger of a big town, italian style.

Our new project Milano Death Trip was born to pick up what we do like the most in the italian rock scene of the end of the last completed century, let's say from the eighties on.

The bands we think about are few and far between, as the only 'scene' worth of this name in this country has been punk/hardcore one during the eighties, with bands such as Negazione from Turin and Wretched (my personal favourite) from Milan. MDT is not a punk / hc band though, even if you can hear influences all over the record in the faster tracks. The track 'Molotov Breakfast' talks about the punks that were around in Milan during the '80, occupying abandoned places in the middle of the town, organizing concerts and annoying the neighborhood (like at the "Virus" social centre). Those were angry times, but we still think about those time as an expression of the energy of a generation of young italians that were looking for an alternative identity of their own. Desperation and will to wear their hearts on their sleeves was part of this, as you can hear is some beautiful low-fi records of the time. All this seems lost now in an age of triunphant capitalism and smartphoned-sized minds.

Another italian band that was a big reference for this projects are Rats, a more rock-oriented but still hard kicking trio from northern italy during the late 80s and 90s. Their little tales of life in the periphery of the city sum up the life of many of us so well, and their riffs and melodies were so much on the spot.

We could not help but get into the more mainstream musical tracks of Vasco Rossi and Litfiba for the more melodic tracks, after all no one can live in Italy without letting those people come in for a couple of spaghetti.


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