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Who do we think we are

The idea for Doom Room Records was born in 2011 after the release of the first Sepulchral Void album, 'Grave Beyond The Grave'.

As a bunch of recording artists and fans of metal and rock in general, we decided to release music indipendently, without any involvement with business, contracts, timetables, pressure and other stress-bearing words, but nonetheless building a structure where the offspring of these collaborations could be picked and experienced by everyone willing to do so.

The first record to come out under the Doom Room Records 'label' was Karma Confusion in 2012, and since then each time we find something interesting around we try to put some cosmic energy in it, give it shape, hit the red record button and let you decide if it was worth the effort.

What we are not

We are not a record label. So don't contact us to have a record deal. We produce our own music, graphics, allmost everything. Most important of all, we have no money. The little amount of money we can put in this goes to printing Cds in limited editions (which we do not sell, we just distribute them to friends).

We are not here to promote other artists and their music, but we will if we like it and/or if the artist will collaborate to our own produced music. We are not a metal machine, we love all kind of music (yes, expecially metal).

Our ethics can be described as an 'handshake pact'. No contracts, no lawyers, no money. Just fun, but as professional as possible.

The door is open

Any kind of collaboration with the project is more than welcome.

If you're a musician, producer, home recording artist and expecially a singer or songwriter and want to develop your ideas with us, we'll be happy to collaborate. Every project is different, and has different purposes. We can also collaborate to commercial projects.

Il you're a record label and are interested in our music, or want to drop a big amount of cash on our desk, it is also possible, if you think we don't like money you misunderstood; we simply don't do it with that purpose.

To get in touch, go to the home page, click the Contact button of the menu and then write an email! We hope we can develope something cooler on the site in the future, as our html knowledge becomes deeper.

Don't do that

We wish you enjoy our music, the website and everything related. The music we publish is downloadable for free so if you wish you can put it in your devices and go to the beach. Just please don't use it for commercial use without our consent. If you want to use it as a background music for videos etc, contact us first. Thanks!

DoomRoomRecords is a concept by Federico Farne', who is also the webmaster and creator of the graphic content

DoomRoomRecords is not by now a real records label, just an artistic project.

People and brands reported here may not exist, or have other names and faces in the real world.

Music, though, is real.