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When you click the red button to download a full album, it will take some minutes to allow the server to create a ZIP and send it over to you. If you don t have patience to wait, contact us via e-mail and we ll send you the album on your email account (all for free!)

MDT Cover

"Abstract Intact" LP

The third instrumental album

Inspired by Godard's 1965 classic movie

"Alphaville" with sounds from the 50s, 60s

and...from the future!

Sepulchral Void are BACK !


The doomish trio unleashes

its third Lp!!

Heavier, darker and more epic

than anything before,

this record will take you back

between the colonnades of ancient empires!

Free mp3 listen and download here!!

ASS pay homage to MOTORHEAD !


Motorhead has always been

one of our favorite bands.

We pay homage to them with

a recording featuring all

original songs "in the style"

of Lemmy & Co.!

Free mp3 listen and download here!!


07/08/2017 "Welcome to Ass" is going to be remixed for more clarity and punch.

03/05/2017 I changed the album pages layout for the old version of the website, now it's more straightforward!

23/11/2016 I tried to fix the NEW VERSION also for Explorer 10&11, it may work now!

19/11/2016 From the link in the main MENU you can access the new version of the website. Only for Chrome and Firefox!

01/05/2016 New band and New album on the way...ASS! Proto metal, thrash and NWOBHM style!

10/08/2015 A new track by F.F. called "What illuminates the night?" has been licensed to LA based Cleopatra Records.

03/07/2015 We are migrating to PHP, you will see no changes in the website but the code is much smarter...

10/04/2015 While the music for the debut album of Molotov Breakfast is completed, the singer has been fired for not being able to keep up with the recording schedule. We are searching for a singer to complete the album. Contact us if interested!

12/01/2015 We have a new band releasing their debut LP in 2015, the italian hardrockers Molotov Breakfast. Also we plan to release the follower of 'Karma Confusion' which is 2/3 done. Musculus also working on their album!

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